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Fresh air to heat or cool your home from just 25p per day...

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Solar Plus achieved 100% for customer satisfaction
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Solar Plus achieved 100% for customer satisfaction
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World leading SOLAR ENERGY systems

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Brilliant systems for modern living

Solar Plus Services are proud to be in the business of offering people modern, effective choices in home living, with cost-efficient, high quality systems that make a real difference to our lives, both in terms of comfort and value.

Affordability with modern technology

Every system we offer, whether it’s our fantastic Thermodynamic system for domestic hot water, or our Air to Air Home Climate systems, we make sure we choose the right technology to deliver exceptional benefits as well as outstanding efficiency. Relieving consumers of the burden of high fuel costs is something we believe strongly about. So our products are centred around offering affordable alternatives that offer monthly savings on fuel bills alongside advancements in modern technology to enhance any home.

Thermodynamics, an exceptional thermal hot water solution

Thermodynamics has been around since the early 19th century and it offers a valuable cost-saving opportunity for customers wishing to reduce their reliance on expensive fuel to deliver hot water in the home. The technology is making an impact now more than ever before, due to the need to find environmentally friendly alternatives to our traditionally fuelled systems. Thermodynamic Systems are safe and easy to install and are backed by a 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee for peace of mind.

Home Climate Control – heating, cooling and fresh, clean air all year round

With our Samsung Air to Air Climate systems, the temperature in your home will always be right, whether it’s cold out or hot. It provides cool, conditioned air in the summer and warmth on the coldest winter nights, all from just 25p per day! And as well as cooling or heating the air, it also purifies it, filtering out harfmul bugs and allergens, so not only will you feel comfortable, you’ll also breath more comfortably too.

Solar Plus Services

Hampshire based Solar Plus Services have supplied and fitted modern cost-saving energy systems for decades. We have built a reputation of reliabilty and professionalism through the installation of thousands of systems, from Thermodynamics to Solar Energy, right across the South. Our accreditations offer peace of mind and we guarantee the best possible service from start to finish. We offer Solar PV electricity systems and Solar Hot Water systems.

Home safety and security

Solar Plus Services provide a range of services to ensure safety and security in your own home.

For example with a Solar Plus Alarm system fitted, you can sleep easily in the knowledge that your home is protected at all times, day and night. Nothing prepares us for the shock of a break in and the possible consequences of meeting an intruder face to face in your own home, so find out how low the cost of protection could be.

Solar Plus can also offer a FREE ELECTRICAL ASSESSMENT. We can highlight potential fire hazards through faulty electrics and eliminate them to ensure your home is a safe environment day and night. Why not find out more with a free home survey?

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